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Anne Frank and her family move to Amsterdam 1933 where they hope to be safe from the Nazi Germans. May, 1940 - the Germans invade the Netherlands May 1942 - all Jews aged six and older are required to wear a yellow Star of David on their clothes to set them apart from non-Jews.

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About Anne Frank and the Holocaust. The Holocaust was something very sad that happened during World War II and many millions of people were hurt or killed. A girl named Anne Frank wrote in a diary about what it was like to live during this time, and when we read that today we can understand what others like Anne and her family went through.

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The Franks were a Germanic-speaking people who invaded the western Roman Empire in the 5th century. They went on to dominate present-day northern France, Belgium, and western Germany and established the most powerful Christian kingdom of early medieval western Europe. The name France (Francia) is derived from their name.

During World War II a young Jewish girl, Anne Frank, kept a diary for two years while hiding from the Nazis with her family. Anne and her family were victims of the Holocaust, which was Nazi Germany’s campaign to destroy the Jews. From the diary, readers have found out what Jewish people experienced and felt during the time of the Holocaust.


On 6 July 1942, Anne Frank and her family were forced to go into hiding in Nazi-occupied Holland. Who was Anne Frank? Anne Frank was a 13-year-old Jewish diarist Anne Frank. She was born in Germany on 12 June 1929. Why did Anne and her family need to hide from the Nazis? Hitler, the leader of the Nazis, wanted to create what he saw was the perfect German, this meant that anyone who did not.

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The Anne Frank Educational Trust initiated the making of a film to commemorate her life and death. The result was the Academy award-winning documentary Anne Frank Remembered (1995), which tells the story of the Frank family and presents a three-dimensional portrait of Anne through interviews of Anne Frank’s friends and schoolmates and never-before-seen archive footage.

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L. Frank Baum was an American children’s author. He is best known for writing The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900) and its sequels.

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Why were there campaigns during the war? The war meant that many things were limited. Posters were created stressing the need to stop waste and unnecessary consumption, for the recycling of scarce materials, and for boosting food production from gardens and allotments.

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D Day l V E Day l V J Day. What does D-Day mean? D-Day is a military term designating the start of a military operation. The D-day in modern history refers to what happened on 6th June 1944 - the day on which the Battle of Normandy began. It was a huge effort involving months of secret preparations.

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The Franks were a group of people who lived in Europe more than a thousand years ago. The country of France was named after them. The Franks moved to the land that became France from a region that is now in Germany. They spoke a language that is related to German.

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